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The 78-card Tarot deck originated in the early to mid 1400s in Italy. The 56-card minor arcana is based on early playing cards, being divided into the suits of cups, swords, coins, and staves. The Tarot adds 22 trumps or major arcana.

Most scholars agree the reason the cards were perpetuated in the west was to safeguard certain teachings through the Dark Ages and the Inquisition. No one is sure exactly what those secret teachings are, but it is clear that the cards are "coded " in some way.

Death Tranquil Willows Tarot Deck

Tranquil Willows Tarot Deck
By Tranquillity Fearn
and Rowen Saille

What stands out among the welter of conflicting theories is that the Tarot cards have something peculiarly fascinating about them. . . . They tug at half-buried memories and obscure connections and intimations in the mind, at associations with mythology, legend, magic and folk belief. They give the impression of holding the key to some vital secret which cannot quite be put into words, which is almost in the mind's grasp when it slips elusively away. It is because they do this that so many different meanings have been read into them.

Richard Cavendish
The Tarot

Traditionally, Tarot has been used for divination, seeing what is hidden, sometimes the in future, sometimes in the past or present. This is still a common usage for the cards. But the Tarot is just as likely to be used today as an aid for psychological transformation, tapping into the Jungianesque archetypes the cards present. When seeking clarity or deeper insight into a situation, a Tarot reading can help.

By the same token, dreams have been a strong connection to the deep self and to hidden knowledge since ancient times. Sacred texts, such as the Bible, record the importance of dream interpretation in spiritual growth and in life guidance. Do you have a specific reoccurring dream or an especially vivid dream that is puzzling you? A Dream reading can help you untangle the hidden meanings.

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